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0005403ScribusUsabilitypublic2007-02-28 22:28
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Product Version1.3 
Summary0005403: "selection-only" mode / easier working with precision layout
DescriptionI usually like to precisely position my frames, i.e. by entering coordinates in the PP rather than manipulating them on the canvas. In this case accidentally moving an object when I go to select it gets annoying, so I generally keep things locked, but then I have to unlock them every time I make a change in the PP.

It would be nice to have a mode where clicking can only select an object, not move or resize it. There could either be a separate "selection-only" tool, or it could be a mode that you select via an icon in the toolbar. Alternatively, locking could apply only on the canvas and not in the PP (why would you type new coordinates when you don't mean it?).

There could optionally be middle-click-move or something when in this mode to make it more usable. Also, it should disable changing values in the PP by mouse wheel, since that's too easy to do by accident.
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