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0005481ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2007-03-26 02:18
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Summary0005481: Number of column defined in text styles
Description... It would be nice th have a way to control column count with text styles.
<ringerc> It'd be an incredibly useful styling feature and I can think of a lot of things I'd want to do with it.
<ringerc> In particular, many newspaper / magazine styles have multiple columns but have the first par or two span all the columns, or at least the first two or three.
<ringerc> It'd be very nice to support this with the new Scribus 1.3.x style system.
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has duplicate 0003735 closedavox Number of columns as a paragraph option. 
has duplicate 0008694 closedjghali [feature request] Paragraphs through columns 



2007-03-24 19:44

reporter   ~0015607

Specifically, what the user wants is the ability to have different column counts in one frame, or text that spans multiple columns in a frame. They want to be able to control this with styles so that as text reflows, the column count transition also moves.

I can see some definite uses for this, and in fact see things like this done in newspapers and magazines a lot. At my work we do this by hand, like one has to in Sribus at the moment, meaning that manual layout adjustment is required whenever text reflows.

One way to implement this might be a column span facility in the layout engine, with the ability to set an n-column span for a region of text, where n >= 1 and 0 would mean "span all columns no matter how many there are".

This functionality can be emulated with more manual work using linked text frames and/or overlaid frames with text-flows-around-frame... but for usability and efficient workflow it'd be very nice to support. Especially as we slowly move into more dynamic content, larger bodies of text, and more support for externally sourced content.


2007-03-24 19:45

reporter   ~0015608

Reminder sent to: avox

Any idea if this feature is feasable with your new text system work?


2007-03-24 23:01

administrator   ~0015610

We already had a discussion about this in another bug IIRC.

My current idea is to

a) allow inline frames to span columns (and in fact any space at all)
b) provide a "column-flush" controlcharacter which will balance columns for preceding text before continuing to fill the frame. That would allow a scheme like:

<inline frame for headline spanning all columns>

But that's just ideas yet, I'm still open for suggestions.

2007-03-24 23:36


table-h1.png (151,609 bytes)   
table-h1.png (151,609 bytes)   


2007-03-24 23:46

administrator   ~0015612

I still wonder if the headline issue couldn't be solved with enhanced table features. To a - very limited - degree this is already possible. See screenshot.


2007-03-25 22:47

reporter   ~0015619

The drawback of the tables is a physical segmentation of the text in cells. The size of the cell will not be extended automatically if more text is added.

For this reason, I still beleave it would be a nice feature to add a property "span" to the paragraph type. By default, span is set to false, but if you set it to true, the paragraph will be printed through all the columns.

Title 1. <- span
Introduction <- span
aaa ccc eee
bbb ddd fff
Title 2. <- span
ggg iii kkk
hhh jjj lll


2007-03-25 22:57

administrator   ~0015620

frames will have advanced autosize options.

the following autosize options are planed:

* fixed (that's the current default)
* size to fixed width
* size to fixed height
* size to shape (h/w ratio)

additional for inline frames:
* size to % of column/cell width
* size to % of frame width


2007-03-26 02:18

reporter   ~0015621


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