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0005949ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-02-15 22:34
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PlatformPentium IV 1.5 GhzOSLinux Ubuntu Feisty FawnOS Version2.6.20-16-generi
Product Version1.3.4 
Summary0005949: Cannot force Style+ back into Style
DescriptionWhen previously having applied any font changes to a certain piece of text, it is not possible to override the appearance of this text with any later defined paragraph styles (say style "B"). Despite of applying style B to the text, the font will not change and the style will say "B+" instead of "B". There is absolutely no way of getting this text to display the fonts of the desired paragraph style.

Other DTP programs often have the same quirkyness, but at least they offer a "force style" or other option to let the text exactly follow the style prescriptions and get rid of any specific font alterations
Steps To Reproduce1. Make a textbox in an empty file
2. Start the text editor
3. Add some text to the text editor
4. Select the text
5. Change the font
6. Press update: the newly chosen font is displayed
7. Now go to the paragraph box left to the text input box in the text editor: in this paragraph box the paragraph styles are displayed per paragraph
8. Click with right mouse on the paragraph box
9. A drop down box appears with the various paragraph styles you previously defined
10. Select a different paragraph style than the current one, e.g StyleB
11. Now view the paragraph box again: it displays StyleB+ instead of StyleB
12. Update the text frame to display the changes
13. The text is not changed although a new paragraph style is applied


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related to 0005769 closedcbradney 1.3.4 doesn't recognise 1.3.3 paragraph styles 
child of 0003821 acknowledged Metabug: Usability 



2007-06-25 22:41

administrator   ~0016674

Before applying a new style, you have to remove all direct formatting with the "brush" tool (the buttons on the left of the style menus in the Properties Palette). This is a known usability issue.

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