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0006200ScribusPDFpublic2008-02-05 22:33
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Summary0006200: Feature request:: Visible/Printable attribute for images on exported PDF documents
DescriptionPlease add this option to image frames:

When the page is exported to PDF then the image with the above option set should be visible/invisible in Adobe Reader printed/not printed in Adobe Reader.

Maybe a new Property tab: PDF Export

Checkbox1: Visible in exported PDF

Checkbox2: Printable in exported PDF

This is a standard PDF feature in Acrobat.
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2007-09-05 22:47

reporter   ~0017267

Image frames and Text frames in Scribus should have an additional context menu item:

"PDF Options"

where the options "Don't print", "Don't show" etc. can be selected.

This would be very useful to control the behavior of PDF documents created with Scribus.

2007-09-06 21:15


pdfexport.png (31,506 bytes)   
pdfexport.png (31,506 bytes)   


2007-09-06 21:15

reporter   ~0017270

Do you think of it? See my enclosure.


2007-09-07 16:20

reporter   ~0017273

Sorry, I don't understand this language. My comment was about setting the Print/View attribute of single FRAMES (not the whole document).


2008-02-05 22:33

administrator   ~0018830

You can already enable/disable export to PDF/Print in the Properties Palette.

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