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0006270ScribusGeneralpublic2016-02-27 13:27
ReporterAndre_Grange Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformI586OSLinux Mandriva 2007, Windows XPOS VersionMandriva 2007,XP
Product Version1.3.3.3 
Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0006270: Invalid position X,Y inside PDF link POP UP menu.
DescriptionInserting PDF link ( external)value of X and Y inside pop up window can't be set to a correct value. To overcome this bug, it is necessary click OK on the pop up menu, and reopen the POP UP menu clicking on the link and set X and Y to a value inside the first npage of the document ( some points are usualy suitable )
This bug is existing under Linux version and Windows version.
Steps To ReproduceInsert external PDF link.
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2016-02-27 13:27

updater   ~0038917

This bug still exists on OSX 10.10.5 1.5.2svn r21040

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2007-09-24 15:03 Andre_Grange New Issue
2016-02-27 13:27 Kunda Note Added: 0038917
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2016-02-27 13:27 Kunda Target Version => 1.6 milestone