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0006274ScribusUsabilitypublic2008-02-05 21:20
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Summary0006274: Another means to keep external resources (images, etc.) and SLA file together.
DescriptionFollowing is another possible way to resolve the issue discussed in the thread "Congratulations and initial comments.." on the Scribus users' list - specifically to keep the images & SLA files together in one place:

Introduce the following features:

* In addition to the existing feature of creating a Scribus file, introduce yet
  another option - "Create Project..." - that will make Scribus create a
  directory (instead of a single SLA file), bearing the Project-Name or Scribus
  file-name, and place all SLA files related to
  the project in the project directory.

* Make additional changes so that, when any of the image-inserting operations is
  selected, Scribus provides an option (should be the default) to the user to
  copy the image (that the user wants to insert into the SLA) into the current
  project's directory. It should be a _default_ *option* - that is, the user
  should be able to choose not to copy the images to the project directory.

* Additionally, there could be a hierarchical explorer displaying the correct
  hierarchy of all the Scribus files in the project along with the external
  resources included in the project at the correct points. The explorer could
  have the ability to carry out file operations with necessary adjustments to
  the project so that the project's *files* integrity is maintained - that is,
  all files remain in a single *project* directory.

The project directory could be a local directory or one created in a remote server or whatever. Actually, this is just like the web application management
feature present in Macromedia DreamWeaver (now owned by Adobe).
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