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0006321ScribusPDFpublic2008-12-17 23:07
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Summary0006321: PDF/X3 - Inspector does not find page information
DescriptionI followed the procedure for creation of pdf/x3 format.
I have a scribus document for 3 TIF Images (all LZW compressed and RGB) and 2 embedded fonts, RGB background colour.

Preflight check as well as creation of pdf go through without complaints.


Running PDF-inspector after: "verification fails".

In the report there are "no problems found", but there is no information in the "page" section of the report. This usually contains color spaces, image information, font embedding and so on. Creation of a PDF/X3 from that pdf with PDF-inspector also fails.
Steps To ReproduceI reproduced this with both Linux and Windows version.
Additional InformationIf you require additional sources like the images or the scribus document I will upload to the directory

Any idea why the PDF loads very slowly into the acrobat reader?
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2007-10-03 13:57

viewer   ~0017515

This might be a bug in the PDF Inspector. What version ? and What Version of Acrobat was used ?


2007-10-03 16:18

reporter   ~0017516

I checked with PDF Inspector Version: 2.1(118) 13. October 2003 (latest edition)
as plugin in Acrobat 5.05, Acrobat 7.0 and Acrobat 8


2008-12-17 23:07

reporter   ~0020797

I removed the linked pdf and scribus source from since the issue over 12 months old. With Adobe CS3 InDesign and Acrobat I could create pdf/x3 format which was also certified by PDF Inspector.

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