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0006490ScribusUsabilitypublic2007-11-19 23:52
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Product Version1.3.3.10svn 
Summary0006490: Line style creation dialog is misleading
DescriptionWhile the line style dialog gives the impression that it's possible to create a line style by adding multiple lines of different sizes and colours, this doesn't work.
Additional Information[00:47] <jghali> MrB: lines are centered so 6 point lines will hide at least one 3 point line
[00:47] <MrB> jghali: yes, i know.. and thats not very use friendly..
[00:47] <MrB> however its not a 1.3.5 bug, thats how line styles have always been
[00:48] <christoph_s> that's quite opaque
[00:48] <jghali> that's why they are automatically reordered by line width
[00:48] <MrB> yeah
[00:48] <MrB> not nice.. ie, you cannot do RRRGGGGGBBBB
[00:49] <christoph_s> jghali: then we should change the category to usability, right?
[00:49] <MrB> definitely..that specific issue is not 135 related..
[00:49] <christoph_s> no, I filed it for
[00:49] <jghali> MrB: doing otherwise would make painting such line subject to math imprecisions
[00:50] <MrB> well.. even 13310.. it was like that since the beginning of line styles
[00:50] <MrB> jghali: erm.. then our math needs to be more precise..
[00:50] <christoph_s> lol
[00:51] <MrB> eg.. if creating a picture frame, its common to not have symetric lines
[00:51] <jghali> and quite slow...
[00:51] <MrB> jghali: slow shouldnt even come into it on todays processors
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