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Summary0006597: Add multi-page-view
DescriptionHow about adding a multi-page view that displays the pages horizontally and vertical? E.g. I'm producing a 16-24 p magazine and would appreciate a lot enabeling such a overview.
Btw: The preview option is a very nice feature! :)
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2007-12-16 23:29

reporter   ~0018326

to explain it: at 25% view i can see two-and-a-half double pages. And there is lots of empty space beside. At 12,5% four-and-a-half, but too small to reckognize. I imagine something like spreading the sheets on a big table (like a long time ago...). Think I remember Adobe PageMaker with this featue too.
Well, obviously this is not urgent. Maybe something for the 2.0? ;)

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