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0007404ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2021-05-22 18:03
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Product Version1.3.3.12 
Summary0007404: Text frames don't follow the page guides
DescriptionI was editing a double page document with master-pages applied and different inner and outer borders values. When i realised that a forget some pages between written pages, so i inserted 3 pages (always odd numbers) and the text frames in the resulting pages became deslocated from the guide lines (the frame maintain the X and Y positions, but don't fit the frame properly in each page guide).
I'm reporting this feature because it's in my (and in many collegues that work with me) point of view a essential feature to work in professional publishings.

Thank you.
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has duplicate 0016570 closedjghali text Frame alignment is changing while adding new page (only if the inside margin is different) 



2008-09-19 21:03

administrator   ~0020283

[21:25] <ad0b1s> i had a problem when i inserted new pages on my file, before the written pages. The text frame has dislocated. How can i fix this?
[21:25] <MrB> dislocated?
[21:26] <ad0b1s> yes.
[21:26] <MrB> how do u mean?
[21:26] <ad0b1s> for example. Before i insert new pages, they were all align in the page.
[21:27] <ad0b1s> its a double page
[21:27] <MrB> what version of scribus?
[21:27] <ad0b1s>
[21:27] <MrB> got a sample doc to try this with?
[21:27] <ad0b1s> the left now become right and vice versa
[21:27] <ad0b1s> no
[21:27] <MrB> sounds ok, depending on your settings, and how many pages you inserted
[21:28] <ad0b1s> an odd number of pages
[21:28] <ad0b1s> 3
[21:28] <ad0b1s> so it dislocated the text frames
[21:29] <MrB> if you first page is a left page, and is page 1, then you insert 3, then those items will be on page 4, hence a right page
[21:29] <ad0b1s> yes
[21:29] <ad0b1s> is there any option to lock the frame in the guide lines?
[21:29] <MrB> how does that relate to your problem?
[21:31] <MrB> maybe u want to untick the "move objects with their page" when inserting, or insert an even number of pages. then they will not swap sodes
[21:31] <ad0b1s> the text frames didn't follow the guides
[21:31] <MrB> they follow the pages
[21:32] <MrB> they will be on the same place on the page they moved with
[21:34] <ad0b1s> there are different inner and outer border values
[21:35] <ad0b1s> if you consider X an Y values. its correct. the frames follow the page in the same position
[21:35] <ad0b1s> but I need that they follow the guide lines
[21:35] <MrB> Scribus only considers X and Y values, it does not make assumptions about moving content around
[21:36] <MrB> if you like, you can submit a feature request on for the movement you want
[21:36] <ad0b1s> it makes no sense.
[21:37] <ad0b1s> in a more professional publishing, for example, in a journal or magazine, it happends all the time since they work with multi-columns
[21:37] <ad0b1s> and multi-pages
[21:38] <-- scribus-guest has left this server (" ajax IRC Client").
[21:39] <MrB> still.. Scribus does not presume to know what you want to do, design exactness being paramount. If you would like to request a feature, it would be good. I can certainly see the value in your request
[21:40] <a_l_e> ad0b1s: yes, you have you may have different left and right margins & co. but in most journal & magazine you will have to change those settings manually if you move a page from left to right...
[21:41] <a_l_e> ... believe: it's worse if you have to handle frames which fly around for no reason!
[21:41] <ad0b1s> but indesign has this feature, to lock the page contents is very basic editing feature
[21:42] <MrB> ad0b1s: Scribus does not, at this point.. this is one of the points of free software.. you can be in direct contact with developers and make requests.. the way to do that properly for Scribus is submitting a request on
[21:42] <ad0b1s> ok...MrB, thanks for helping
[21:42] <MrB> ad0b1s: afaik, this is the first time this has been requested in at least 5 years
[21:43] <ad0b1s> wow, seriously? i had no idea. I thought it would be one more dump question, lol
[21:46] <MrB> well I dont remember it, and I dont remember there being a bug for it already. There might be though, I dont remember all bugs.. just most of them.


2016-02-11 22:44

updater   ~0038651

Can someone recreate this on 1.5.1svn?


2016-02-11 22:54

updater   ~0038653

Is this related to 0013434


2016-02-12 10:10

manager   ~0038661

well, one should not add three pages in the middle of a document...

for simple cases scribus there could ways to automatically "reflow" frames but i don't that there is a general solution to the problem.

of course, having left and right inside of a master page, rather being able to define individual left and right master pages would be a step in the good direction and could allow for partial solutions.

but in the current state of the master pages and the guides i don't see how to provide a dynamic alignment without adding ugly ad hoc commands...


2021-05-22 18:03

reporter   ~0049139

i have the same issue after 3 years of this bug report. is there any way to overcome this? or i need to wait for a fix?

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