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0007664ScribusImport / Exportpublic2016-12-02 21:07
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Summary0007664: .odt-document import problem when 1st line indent is negative (+ solution)
DescriptionWhen importing an Openoffice Writer .odt-document with the aim to keep the OpenOffice paragraph style definitions intact, AND when one paragraph style definition has a 'first line indent' value negative, this is observed:

1. Text is loaded into Scribus fully (as can be seen in Story Editor);
2. In Text frame, text is shown only up to the paragraph with negative indent def.;
(3. When modifying that paragraph style in Scribus: CPU at 100% and Scribus hangs sometimes - but not easy to reproduce that one).

In OpenOffice Writer: remove the negative first line indent from paragraph styles before importing, and all is ok. Or, keep working with Stable version..
Steps To ReproduceIn Openoffice Writer:
- type some lines of text;
- using OOo Styles and Formatting box: give first line(s) "Default" paragraph style
- using OOO Styles etc. box: give the third line the standard "Heading 1" style
- Modify this "Heading 1" style: In Indents&Spacing --> First line indent: give a value < 0, e.g. -0.76 cm
- Save document.

In Scribus:
- make textframe, import the file using 'import odt file' choice. Tick select box 1-3 when asked (Scribus defaults; optional to tick on/off)
- check textframe: only line 1 & 2 are seen. NOT line 3
- Open Story Editor (ctrl-l): all text is present
Additional Information(i) The first line negative indent value differs with font used. For Arial Bold, 16 pt, an indent of -0.38 cm will import into Scribus, while -0.39 cm will not work. Bigger font size changes this value - but still reproducibly

(2) Problem is in 1.3.5 SVN (I built this day, Revision 12956), not in the version (stable). In latter version, negative indent will not be of influence

Hope this is not a too minor bug :-) Thanks for a nice program to work with!
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2016-04-18 17:08

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Can someone reproduce this?

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