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0007670ScribusStylespublic2009-01-04 19:41
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Summary0007670: Style Notes
DescriptionThe idea is to be able to describe styles in the style editor in an extra text field.

Having to deal with a complex set of styles from somebody else can be hard. Especially to fin dout what is applied where, and for what reasons.
There may be even other possible applications for that.
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2008-12-21 13:14

administrator   ~0020810

I cannot really get what you mean here.. is this a request? bug? Please provide more detail or this will have to be closed


2009-01-04 19:41

reporter   ~0020863

It is a request.
It's just thought to be a note.

"This style is for the description of big images on the right side."


"This style is for the infobox, but only if it is about a certain topic."

...just a little custom text field to describe the style! So you don't have to depend on long style names like: "left_info_big_r" - nobody likes to guess what that means if it isn't your own style :P

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