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0007831ScribusColor Managementpublic2009-03-14 03:02
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Summary0007831: Support lowercase tags and color name in TXT color palettes
DescriptionCoding standards in the scribus color palettes (.txt):
- Support lowercase tags. Tags and attributes must be in all lowercase in XHTML elements [1]. Incorrect (tags mixed lowercase and uppercase).
- Use an indent of 2 spaces, with no tabs. No trailing whitespace.
- Read the name of the color palettes from the source file (example from the <swatch name="Palette name"> tag, not from the file name and support special characters.

Steps To ReproduceCreate a txt file with the content:
<?xml version="1 0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<swatch colums="2" name="White and Black">
    <color cmyk="#00000000" name="White lowercase" />
    <COLOR CMYK="#00000000" NAME="White uppercase" />

Place it to "lib/scribus/swatches/"
Only the uppercase variation works: <COLOR CMYK="#00000000" NAME="White" />
Additional InformationFinal example result:
<?xml version="1 0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<swatch colums="2" name="Color atlas 6°/10%">
  <color cmyk="#00000000" name="White" />
  <color cmyk="#ffffffff" name="Black" />
  <color cmyk="#00FFFF00" name="Red" />
  <color cmyk="#00000000" name="..and more.." />

The color palette name is "Color atlas 6°/10% " (the file name is example coloratlas_6.txt). The first color is "White" with two colums and the color in the next line is "Red".
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