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0008007ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-02-07 06:19
ReporterMike Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.3.5svn 
Target VersionFuture Release - Nice to have 
Summary0008007: add support for sticky notes
Descriptionadd support for sticky notes

- it is great when more people is working on the project (everyone knows what should be done)
Additional Information- sticky notes could be placed at the border of pages (please look on added picture)
- could have configurable their color and font (size, color, type of font)
- on/off display sticky notes in View > Show Sticky Notes
- on/off print sticky notes
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2009-05-04 12:54


sticky_notes.png (12,414 bytes)   
sticky_notes.png (12,414 bytes)   


2009-05-07 05:51

reporter   ~0021687

Please keep Scribus as light as possible ! It's already quite heavy to use it.
Sticky note workaround for me is creating a layer "comments" and placing text on it, not printable and viewable when needed.
Don't mess up with things that charges the initial goal of the software, please.


2009-05-09 16:31

reporter   ~0021702

I know that this feature is typical for office program but it is very useful for me.

What about plug-in? Someone who need this feature could load plug-in with this functionality...


2009-05-09 19:18

reporter   ~0021703

Why don't you try my suggestion : create a new layer named "sticky note" that you can enable or disable to view or not/ print or not. There you can add comments, drawings, objects, anything that makes it much more powerful than sticky note and placed anywhere you want on or besides the paper sheet. And if you like it, you may even choose a yellow background for your text notes ;)
I don't know what a plug-in could do more powerful.


2009-05-16 09:35

reporter   ~0021752

I tried it. It is possible to do this way but it is horribly slow. I must setup position sticky note and its size manually.

When the sticky note would be in program I could only add sticky note to some object and size and its position be hold automatically.


2016-02-02 18:58

updater   ~0038535

I like this idea as a plugin. Exampled an editorial team giving feedback or correcting spelling mistakes without changing the text because it could shift the layout. Sticky notes would be a way to bring attention to typesetter etc...

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