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Summary0008039: 3D Color Picker
DescriptionColor is inherently three dimensional, and is a 3D editor that "aligns with the way our minds process color" - explains. ColoRotate is kinda like Adobe Kuler, but with a 3D representation its even better. I'd like to see a widget like this in Scribus! :-)
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related to 0003494 assignedsubik colorwheel: making the dialog non modal for the color picker 



2009-05-15 17:06

administrator   ~0021743

Do you know of any Open Source implementation?


2009-05-15 19:04

reporter   ~0021749

Nope; feel free to park this feature request, but I knew that Scribus' colour picker was quite sophisticated so I thought this would be a good request to file away. :-)


2009-05-15 19:54

viewer   ~0021750

What we need is a widget which can offer a similar kind of display. I wonder if Qt 4.5 has something like that.

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