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0008351ScribusUser Interfacepublic2009-08-19 05:02
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Platformi386OSFedora LinuxOS Version11
Product Version1.3.5 
Summary0008351: Color swatches/palettes in the Properties palette
DescriptionThis is a feature request. The scenario is e.g. the following: a designer shows a business card layout to a customer and they sit down to a nicely calibrated display in order to test how the chosen Pantones look on a live layout (those that can be approximated in RGB, at least), as opposed to square swatches in a printed book -- perhaps to change the choice. Now, spot colors (or any other colors) can be imported into document's colors from a file, but it would be easier to operate them if they were accessible as separate swatches/palettes through the PP, under the Colors section, e.g. in tabs.

I imagine people would just drop palette files in /usr/lib/scribus/swatches, possibly dozens of them, then a configuration entry would allow them to restrict the default palettes to just a few, then document proprties entry would allow them to override the default for a specific document.

I attach a mock-up of what it might look like.
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2009-08-18 03:32


Properties-Swatches-01.png (39,616 bytes)   
Properties-Swatches-01.png (39,616 bytes)   

2009-08-18 03:33


Properties-Swatches-02.png (40,188 bytes)   
Properties-Swatches-02.png (40,188 bytes)   

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