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0008460ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-03-03 14:30
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Summary0008460: One-Point Top/Bottom Margin Added to Text Frames
DescriptionText frames always seem to have an extra 1pt margin added to the top and bottom (but not to the left and right sides). I don't know if there's a reason for this, but it makes for some strange alignment issues.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a text frame with top-left corner at (100pt, 100pt).
2. Set Line Spacing ==> 20pt, First Line Offset ==> Line Spacing
3. Type a descenderless character into the frame, eg. "M".
4. Zoom in and observe that the bottom of the "M" is 121 points from the top of the page, not 120 points.
5. This seems independent of line width settings: e.g. if you set Line Width=4 pt, there is a border at the top of the frame running from 98 points through 102 points from the top of the page (as expected), but now the bottom of the M is 123 points from the top of the page rather than 122 as I would expect.
6. There seems to be a similar border at the bottom: if I calculate how much space is required to accommodate a line of text in a particular font (including maximum descent), I seem to need to set the height of the frame to 2 points more than that in order for the line to fit and not continue to the next frame. So I deduce there's an additional 1pt margin at the bottom of the frame.



2009-09-23 18:02

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Oops, left out product version: this is in Sorry.

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