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0008527ScribusCanvaspublic2011-06-01 11:36
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Summary0008527: Make it possible to align grid to margin guides
DescriptionFor people using a grid-based layout, it would be nice to be able to optionally automatically align the grid to margin guides. Currently the grid seems to start from the page edge.

So I would be suggesting two new Grid settings for the Preferences / Guides settings:

- Align Grid to [Page top | Page bottom | Top margin | Bottom margin]
- Align Grid to [Left page edge | Right page edge | Left margin | Right margin]
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2009-10-18 10:35

reporter   ~0022718

Or just more simply, if it would be possible to set the origin (zero point) of the grid, so that it would extend to all four directions from that origin. I believe InDesign does something like that.


2010-04-08 19:06

reporter   ~0023657

I second this motion! This feature would be very useful for me.


2011-06-01 11:36

manager   ~0026300

for people using a grid base layout: i think you should create your own grid with "guide manager > columns and rows"

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