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0008626ScribusTypographypublic2009-12-10 21:33
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PlatformIntel, PPCOSLinux, Mac, WindowsOS Version9.10, xp/vista
Summary0008626: Fill text with bitmap or pattern
DescriptionHello Scribus Team. Many thanks for the work on 1.3.5 This is a request to fill text with a bitmap or pattern without changing the text to outlines first, the text will remain live and editable after the bitmap or pattern has been applied.
Steps To Reproduce1. Import a bitmap to use for the fill, the bitmap is held in the "Fills" area much like the "Pattern" area.
2. Make text box.
3. Type text.
4.In the "Color" panel select "Fills" from the drop down menu then click the bitmap to apply it to the text.
5. Use the "Edit Contents of Frame Tool" to position the bitmap within the text.

Note: A way to scale the bitmap within the text is needed. The text box that contains the text will probably need to be flagged a certain way in order to apply the fill to the text and not the box as it does now. It might be that Scribus would render the text to image frames after the fill is applied where future customization to the text could be done by adding a stoke line and image effects. If the user/designer double clicks the text the text would then become editable again.
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