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Summary0008643: Ability to apply Character Styles and Inline Objects via Text Filters or Search/Replace
DescriptionHeading towards a new challenge i discovered Custom Text Filters. Thanks Gregory and Christoph for the Manual.... :)
Great tool. It would be even greater with the possibility of applying Character Styles.

Something that would be able to apply a Style to a String defined like this:
(<!-- This is looking for a String included in quotation marks and spaces-->)

Equally i'm looking for a way to embed Inline Objects via Text Tags.

Alternatively: Would it be smarter to evolve this features inside Search/Replace?

Anyway, the possibilites of both Character Styles and Inline Objects seem great to me - i'm just missing a smooth way to integrate them

Additional InformationMore dreams late at night:
- the ability to save filter sets
- the ability to run Text Filters on a already imported text (here we're coming closer to search/replace, true?)
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has duplicate 0009425 closedjghali Search and replace for styles as well 
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