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0008656ScribusScripterpublic2009-12-19 20:29
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Product Version1.3.5 
Summary0008656: Add possibility to create line styles from scripter
DescriptionThere already are in the python API some methods to create Char and Paragraph styles (createCharStyle() and createParagraphStyle()), and some to manipulate the styles, including setLineStyle(), but no method exist to create line styles (no createLineStyle() - only predefined styles could be applied).

Even if this may not be widely used, as stated on IRC, it could be useful (the example i'm working on is an improvement of the calendar wizard, and i'd like to create and assign a few line styles for the picture frame, the calendar frame, the calendar's days frames, ... to allow the user to do consistent and easy changes in the appearance of the calendar after its generation - changing the days frames would require to manually select more than 365 text frames (there are empty ones) on 12 pages for a full year calendar...)
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