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0008688ScribusUsabilitypublic2010-01-07 22:38
Reporteralexandre Assigned To 
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Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0008688: Pattern fill properties should be in the palette
DescriptionCurrently in 1.5.0svn pattern fill properties are in a standalone dialog. It would be a lot easier to tweak them if that dialog was to the bottom of the list of available patterns inside PP.
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2010-01-07 21:30

administrator   ~0023045

The patter fill properties were moved to a seperate dialog because otherwise the pattern fill tab would be too big for the PP.


2010-01-07 22:38

developer   ~0023048

Well, the dialog's layout could be improved quite a lot.

For example, in Offsets group values for X and Y are in the same row, but further below you keep them in different rows for scaling and skewing. Fixing that would already save you quite a bit of vertical space *and* make UI more consistent.

You could also keep x and y in separate rows, but place scaling group to the right of offsets group, and mirroring group to the right of rotation group. that will save you even more space, but the dialog will look busy.

Try the first suggested approach and you'll see that the resulted dialog will already be small enough to fit PP :)

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