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Summary0008712: Feature Request: dynamic page gutters for book binding
DescriptionIn creating a book, often it is desirable to have inner margins larger than outer ones, to account for the space taken by the binding (the "gutter").

While Master Pages can be used to easily create different margins for left and right pages, this system is too inflexible to be useful, as it does not allow for adding or deleting a page -- after adding a page for instance, page items that were aligned for a left master page retain that alignment even though they are now on a right page (recto). Thus while they were maybe originally shifted to the left to keep out of the gutter, they now are perversely shifted INTO the gutter since they are now on a right page where shifting left now puts you further into the gutter.

Additional InformationProposed solution 0000001: Allow a setting for objects to be placed relative to the page margin instead of the page itself. This solves the problem for the most common case of a book with symmetrical but opposite margins designed to maximize distance of the print from the gutter.

Proposed solution 0000002: A quick kludge to solve the problem for most cases would be to allow a "binding offset" when outputting to PDF. This offset would shift all page contents by a specified amount to the left or right, depending on whether it's an even or odd page number, as the PDF is created.

Total hack solution 0000003: Someone could write a quick macro to adjust all page contents left or right by a fixed "gutter" factor. This would be a destructive process, so the work flow would have to be 1) save your document and create a temporary copy for printing purposes 2) open the copy and run the macro 3) output to pdf. 4) discard the temporary copy when done printing
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