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0008767ScribusShape Drawingpublic2010-02-13 21:46
Reporterdon_cristobal Assigned Tofschmid  
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PlatformLinux32OSUbuntuOS Version9.10
Product Version1.3.6svn 
Summary0008767: Invent a direct way to get round dotted lines
DescriptionIn 1.3.6svn it's possible to get square dotted lines (i.e. lines that consist of many square dots) by choosing the appropriate line type and flat caps. However, there is no simple way to get round (i.e. circular) dotted lines. This needs fiddling with the custom line type: first value 0/0, second value >=1.5/0; round edges. Just choosing a dotted line type and round (or square) caps produces dashes, not dots (because the caps are added to the square dots).

* Add one or more round dotted line types to the list of line types. They would have to use the values I indicated above plus round caps. I.e. the line type would have to change the caps, too. And the difference between round and square dots should be visible in the list (which is possible to display in the current size, possibly with anti-aliasing).
If this optimal solution is not possible:
* Include one or more line types that at least have the presets that lead to round dots as soon as round caps are selected. Problem: these lines would not be visible with flat caps because the dot length is zero.
* Alternative approach: Make changes in the caps setting adapt the dash length by the total length of a pair of caps (= line width). I.e. switching from round or square to flat would reduce the dash length by 1 line width and switching from flat to round or square would increase it by the same amount. This would also be nice for other uses than for round dots because the apparent length of the dashes would not change. I think it would be acceptable to implement this behaviour because the custom line type feature is not old. There can't be many people who get confused.
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