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0008778ScribusImport / Exportpublic2010-02-07 00:52
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Product Version1.3.5 
Summary0008778: importing pages from a scribus document: text frames are not linked properly
DescriptionWhen importing pages from a scribus document with linked text frames, the frames are imported with the correct names (e.g. "my_frame_1, my_frame_2" and so on) but text is only placed into the first text frame, with the red x in the lower right corner to indicate overflow -- the text frames are not linked as they were in the document being imported.

Re-linking is fairly trivial and no data is lost, but this should likely work.

(Potential issue: what if text frame names on the document being imported clash with a text frame name in the current document?)
Steps To Reproduce1. create "document-1.sla" with 2 pages, each with a text frame.
2. enter more text than will fit into the first page's text frame
3. link the first page's text frame to the second page's text frame
4. create "document-2.sla" and attempt to import all pages from document-1.sla
5. notice that the second page's text frame is empty and that the first page's text frame complains that it has too much text
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duplicate of 0008056 assignedale [WIP PATCH] Import pages with linked text frames breaks the links 


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