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0008802ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2010-04-07 12:24
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Summary0008802: [feature request] special tool for non-continous paragraph selecting
DescriptionSpecial tool or text cursor working mode for selecting few paragraphs but non-continuously. I mean way to select few paragraphs which have to be one style different from all the text, for example subheaders. Now we must select it one by one and apply proprietary style.
Working with large layout (newspaper) it will be usefull feature, if I can select all such paragraphs with few clicks of mouse.
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2010-02-13 10:59

administrator   ~0023255

What about the advanced Search & Replace features, which are already in place?


2010-02-14 08:26

manager   ~0023263

assigning a keyboard shortcut to your styles would also solve your problem...


2010-02-15 07:15

updater   ~0023284

You dont understand what I want.
I mean situation when I just load text from file. Text is not proprietary formatted, has any paragraph styles applied. So... now I want a tool by which I can select many paragraphs what should be formatted as subheaders and apply style for all of them. I often use Drop Caps in first paragraph after subheader, so I want also select many this paragraphs to apply them proprietary style also.
This is task when S&R or shortcuts have nothing to do, because text has not any stile yet.


2010-02-15 14:25

developer   ~0023290

Selecting non-contiguous portions of text and applying specific text formatting to this non-contiguous selection (and even pasting it elsewhere) is possible in OpenOffice so I guess it would be a nice addition to be able to do the same within Scribus.

I am working on a Mac and holding down the command key while selecting either by double-clicking on a work or by dragging the mouse over the desired section allows this non-contiguous selection. In OO.o you can then apply the formatting of your choice.

I don’t know if this works on other platform.

While I don’t disagree that using keyboard shortcuts works well, I think that in many cases it would be very convenient to be able to select non-contiguous portions of text and be able to apply styles or any formatting, paste, etc.


2010-02-15 14:52

updater   ~0023291

Hmmm... I was thinking about tool like paragraph tool in Ventura for only and whole paragraphs selecting (with Ctrl and Shift modificators for non-continous and block selecting), but maybe ability for selecting non-continous portions of text will be more powerful and useful.


2010-04-07 11:28

manager   ~0023648

cezaryece, i still think that assigning a keyboard shortcut to your styles will solve the problem.

- go to the first paragraph
- apply the style with the shortcut
- go to the second paragraph
- apply the style with the shortcut
- go to the third paragraph
- ...

(i assume that you are working with two hands: in the one hand you have the mouse, with the other you press the short cut)

this is imho almost as fast as (when not faster than)

- mark the first paragraph
- mark the second paragraph
- mark the third paragraph
- apply the style with the shortcut

and as soon as you make an error and select the wrong paragraph (which always happen to me), applying the styles to one paragraph at a time will be much faster.


2010-04-07 12:24

updater   ~0023649

No... I cant agree with you ale.
It is not faster and even not almost as fast as...
Maybe if text have only few paragraphs which I would like to select and modify at once. Mainly I work with A3 newspaper layout and have text with more than few subtitles. In Ventura I select all of them and apply style at once.

In addition it is easier to select by this tool whole paragraph to change some attributes and I use this more often than select it by dragging cursor from start to end. Look how difficult is selecting paragraph started at bottom of A3 page and ended at top of page (newspaper, so I have 6 columns at page).
Imagine how this tool can improve table usage even now, when Scribus table support is so primitive.

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