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Summary0008809: Sliders should be used for scale with images
DescriptionWhen working on a document with many images, using the text box and/or mouse wheel is not a very efficient method of adjusting the scale of images. Using sliders would be much easier. Having a textbox to allow manual entry (as currently implemented) would benefit users who need more than a standard 0-100% range. One could also implement a new option in the settings dialog giving a maximum slider scale percentage to allow for user adjustability.
Additional InformationI am a photographer who uses scribus to design wedding albums. I will be adding several user interface recommendations based on other album design software I have used.
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2010-02-14 10:39

administrator   ~0023268

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The problems with sliders is that their precision is quite limited. And its range must match the range of the spinbox if both are present... which would reduce further its precision.


2010-02-14 21:30

reporter   ~0023274

I understand that the slider isn't as precise, but it is much faster. By having both, users could get 95% of their desired crop with the slider, and those needing more precise adjustments could finish with the spinbox.

From using several commercial album design programs, speed trumps precision in most cases, especially in user friendliness. (We design 50-75 wedding albums per year, so speed is critical.)


2010-02-14 22:01

reporter   ~0023278

Another thought (sort of related to issue 8812) would be to implement a "pull". In the center circle, you could have a bar sticking out to the right. When the user clicks and drags, moving to the left would scale down, and moving to the right would scale up. This would also allow a control for rotating the image within a frame (up rotates counter-clockwise, down rotates clockwise).

Again, I like to work quickly (as do most photographers who design albums), so using the mouse is very intuitive. I believe that Picasa uses a similar interface for their collage design.

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