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Summary0000886: Display Board / Collage mode
DescriptionHaving to prepare a display board for a presentation the other day, I would have *really* appreciated the ability to lay it all out on screen first. This is one of those panels where various items are attached via velcro sticky pads.

The way this would differ from ordinary layout is that not all the space is used by paper - various objects are trimmed to shape, with gaps left where the backing shines through.

Things to handle:

* Resources already printed, and available for use which aren't re-printed when the design changes.
* Spacing between panels - items may overlap these, but still need somewhere to attach themselves
* Printing efficiency - fit separate items onto one sheet, e.g. several small bubbles, or two lengths of a 3x.3 A4 tiled run of text
* Arrange items for easy guillotining after lamination - so don't put them too close together (faint crop lines?)
* Ensure all items have somewhere suitable the velcro stickers go if this is for a panel (if this is being arranged on card backing, it won't be appropriate)
* Outlining, so a white border round the "real" content is preserved.
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