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Summary0008973: Suggestions to make rendering frame easier to work with
DescriptionI use rendering frame to write latex equations for my pdf presentation. I would suggest the following change to interface/functionality to make it easier to work with rendering frame.

1. Ability to set default parameters for each file I work with. For example, the current rendering frame set the font size of latex output to 11 whenever I insert a new frame. Thus, each time I need 5 additional clicks just to set the font size to 20. Since when I work with a slide, I use the same font size throughout the slides for consistency. It would be great if I can set some default parameters for each file (or each time) or if the rendering frame can simply remember my choice last time.

2. Please keep all parameters in a duplicate of a rendering frame. When I copy and paste to duplicate a rendering frame, it keeps the content (latex code). But other parameters such as the font size are reset to some default values (font size is reset to 11). This is very undesirable especially for making pdf presentations, since sometime I need to duplicate an entire page to have some sort of animation (for example, I need to gradually reveal part of the content of a page). In this case, I have to manually set parameters of every rendering frame again.

3. Change the color of a latex rendering. Maybe I simply have not found the correct place. Right now, I can not change the color of the text in the rendering frame.

4. Double Click to open the source of a rendering frame. Right now, when I need to edit the source of a frame, I need to right-click, then select edit source which takes much longer time than a simple double-click. Since the double-click has not been used for any functionality for the rendering frame, it would be great if I can set that to be editing the source.

5. Short and easy latex for short equations. Sometime I just need to input one math symbol in my paragraph and I prefer to do in latex for consistency. Right now this is very tedious since I need to open a rendering frame and adjust everything. A work around is that if the rendering frame has similar controllability as that of the text frame, then I can write everything in latex. Right now this is not possible.

I am an researcher work in the field of engineer and I use scribus to prepare my pdf presentations. Scribus 1.3.5+ with support for latex has better potential than Adobe Illustrator to make good slides with a lot of math equations, thanks to your guys! I know some of the suggestions are not as simple as I thought and they need a lot of work. However, I believe the improved usability could make it much easier to work with a pdf presentation. I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues who are currently using illustrator or powerpoint to make slides.
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2010-03-27 09:42

manager   ~0023614

hi dhuang,

thanks for your requests...

just a short notice: the next time, it may be better to fill 5 requests, one for each issue...

if you want to discuss them in context, it may be better to do it on the mailing list...

have a nice day!


2010-11-23 12:56

reporter   ~0024881

0000002 is now at


2020-03-18 10:11

reporter   ~0047438

While I love Scribus I'd never use it for scientific slide presentations, given the limitations and the fact that this gives pixel renderings of vector fonts. LaTeX's beamer package is really made for this. That being said:

1. scrapbook?

2. is solved now

3. A render frame is (basically) an image frame. Scribus properties allow you to set the background color. For the color of LaTeX text (which gets rendered) use what you would use in LaTeX proper: add \usepackage{color} on the fonts/headers tab of the render frame editor and use something like \textcolor{red}{This part is red} in your LaTeX code.

5. You can use type1 versions of LaTeX's fonts inside Scribus' text frames for invidual symbols (without LaTeX's typesetting of course).

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