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0008986ScribusPDFpublic2016-12-08 22:04
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Summary0008986: Mirrored Output option in PrePress tab of PDF export dialog
DescriptionHi! First off, Scribus is great, and a big thanks to all the wonderful people who make it that way!

This is a feature request. Many Presses create their plates using something called "Butter Paper" which is like oiled paper. They print a mirrored version (horizontally flipped) of each page onto the butter paper from a desktop laser printer, and arrange these papers on the plate, then "develop" it in a chemical process that transfers the toner to the plate.

The press that I'm working with wants me to give them pre-flipped PDFs. Fact is, they use PageMaker, and I'm using Scribus. They actually don't use PDFs in their workflow, so I have to set everything up for them.

Anyhow, having an option to produce mirrored output would be useful for presses that may want to use Scribus too.

***Ideas for Implementation:
I'm no programmer, but the following seems logical to me:

1. introduce a checkbox on the PrePress tab of the PDF export dialog labelled "mirror pages in output".

2. If user checks that, then:
   foreach page in document:
       flatten page
       Horizontally flip page
   continue normal pdf export process.



2010-04-02 08:01

reporter   ~0023635

This is already implemented in two graphical buttons on the General options tab.

I suggest that we put in text labelling for these buttons, however.

Perhaps include the checkbox as a second way to access this option in the PrePress Tab?


2010-04-02 08:56

manager   ~0023636

i agree with swiftarow: rotation, mirroring and and clip to margin should probably go to the prepress tab... or at least not be included in the export range section of the "general" tab.

and the icon should be replaced by checkboxes with a label (those are the two only icons in the whole pdf export dialog)


2015-05-20 01:02

updater   ~0035169

Is this still a relevant issue ? Do we want to assign it ?


2016-03-05 21:51

updater   ~0039012

my 2 cents: I think adding a checkbox makes sense


2016-03-22 15:08

updater   ~0039335

are you guys ok with adding this ?

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