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0008994ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-02-10 19:01
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PlatformPCOSUbuntuOS Version9.10
Summary0008994: Shortkeys actions
DescriptionIn Scrubus 1.3.5svn shortkeys doesn't work at all.
In version 1.3.3 shortkeys response depends on active keyboard layout: some of them (ie. Edit content of frame) didn't work while in non-USA layout, and some function as usual (ctrl-s). I guess that all hotkeys with modifiers work with any layout, while standalone hotkeys are layout-depended.


has duplicate 0011259 closedjghali Unable to input Polish letters with standard keyboard layout in text frame - collision shortcuts 



2010-04-06 18:02

manager   ~0023643

please update to 1.3.6 and check if the issue still exists.

you should also give some more details.

here (mac swiss french keyboard on debian teseting) all shortkeys work as expected.

ctrl+t does work for editing the content of frame.


2010-04-07 04:13

administrator   ~0023645

Also note that Ubuntu has been a source of trouble for years, because Canonical uses a heavily patched version of Qt. Unless they start patching other Qt programs to fix the issues caused by their modifications, there's not much we can do here.


2010-04-07 05:18

reporter   ~0023646

Ok, I upgraded Scrubus to 1.3.6. Shortcuts still don't work neither in USA nor Rus layouts.
Plese give me list of details I should give.


2010-04-07 11:20

manager   ~0023647

Last edited: 2010-04-07 11:23

you should tell us one shortcut in one context which does not work on the us keyboard (or the russian one).

the idea is, that we should be able to replicate your problem.

can you write step by step instruction how to reproduce it?

you may also check if the problem also happens on another computer with ubuntu installed.

p.s.: if possible, you may also try if the problem still happen with the upcoming 10.4: scribus 1.4 which will be released after ubuntu 10.4, so this is the version we should target, now!


2010-04-13 10:25

reporter   ~0023672

Last edited: 2010-04-15 09:24

Ok, steps to replicate:
- start Scribus 1.3.6;
- create new document;
- press ctrl-s (doesn't matter if USA or Rus layout is active) - nothing happens.

Summary of small keyboard test:
Almost none of letters keys respond except ctrl-z (at least I didn't find any other working key).
Function keys (F2, F5 etc) act like as defined in shortcut section of preferences.
Combinations of top numeric keys and modifiers (ie ctrl-0) also work.
Space acts like "select item", but only if no frame (text or image) selected.

UPD: In text editor ctrl-A works, though it doesn't in "edit contents of frame".

UPD: In "search and replace" box shortcuts (crtl-A, ctrl-C, ctrl-V) works.
Ridiculous thing is that ctrl-z pressed while "search and replace" box is active "undo" command applies to document actions (ie resize frame, move frame etc).


2010-04-21 13:45

reporter   ~0023752

Tested on 1.3.7 and 1.5.0 on my Ubuntu 9.10 - the same result.
Last working version I found for now is


2010-04-30 07:02

reporter   ~0023851

Tested on Ubuntu 10.04 (installed by upgrade) shortcuts start to work, not sure if all of them, but basic ones do.


2010-05-01 12:20

manager   ~0023859

please test the others, too and let's close this bug if everything is ok!


2010-05-09 20:58

reporter   ~0023884

Tested 1.3.6. I didn't manage to assign shortcuts for some actions. For example text styles commands doesn't respond for any key.
I tried to bind F5 or ctrl-shift-K for All Caps, ctrl-alt-r/l for left/right text align - unsuccessful. At the same time binded keys for Image frame seems to work.
All defaults keys also work as expected.


2010-07-16 20:01

reporter   ~0024343

Tested with 1.3.7 on WinXP. Shortkeys for styles don't work too.
I assign alt-1 for style, but pressing it results typing digit "1".


2010-07-16 20:52

administrator   ~0024345

forget style shortcuts, there is another bug for that..


2010-10-12 08:55

reporter   ~0024646

It seems that some Scribus functions (that relate to content of frames) can't have shortcuts.
F.e. I assigned ctrl-esc as preview mode - it works fine. I tried to assign this key as justification (forced) or text effect (all caps) - no effect beside exit from edit content mode or deselect frame.


2010-10-12 20:31

administrator   ~0024649

The text ones used to relate to an old Style menu. They will be reused at some point.


2012-12-17 14:59

reporter   ~0029433

Please redesign keyboard listeners for text frame editor and story editor to allow use different languages than English.

Consider that i.e. Polish Alphabet -> [^]

This letters is entered with right alt + normal letter + shift if upper case: ??????ó????????Ó?? - ? = alt + a, except ? = alt+x

It collides with alt+ctrl+s? - left alt with Polish Programmer layout could send such keys (it is standard keyboard layout which we use).

Quick solution remove all colliding shortcuts.


2016-02-10 19:01

updater   ~0038623

Craig, can we close this?

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