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0009016ScribusUsabilitypublic2010-04-14 21:30
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Summary0009016: Default tools settings
DescriptionI suggest to reproduce this features from QuarkXpress: allow user customize default tools settings, specifically properties of new frames/lines - border style, number of columns, gap, flowaround, distances, etc.
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2010-04-14 12:00

administrator   ~0023686

Already possible in File > Preferences for new docs or File > Document Setup for existing doc.


2010-04-14 20:34

reporter   ~0023692

Some very useful parameters are still unavailable in section you pointed to: border style, flowaround, text distances.
Now some of default settings for image frame are rather rare than common - i.e. image frame with no runaround (in my 10 years typesetting practice there were only few).

Moreover, sometimes you have to change defaults in a middle of project. Yeah, scrapbook surely has me, it's great for storing "templates" of frames, but I think that tools settings must be document independent.

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