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0009027ScribusCanvaspublic2010-04-21 08:40
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Summary0009027: panning should be faster than the mouse cursor
Descriptionwhen you have moved the canvas by panning you mostly want the cursor to be in the middle of the window.

it would be nice to have the canvas to move much faster than the cursor.

mypaint uses a factor 3 and it's really cool.
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2010-04-19 06:58

reporter   ~0023718

Cool application - customizable application!
May be this factor should be adjustable by user.


2010-04-19 10:05

manager   ~0023722

@subeditor: in my experience, cool applications have good defaults which don't have to changed by the user...

but this may just depend on my experience: after all that years working with computers i prefer systems that just works (once configured) and i don't like to spend to much time tweaking every application i use.

and i also experienced that applications that are designed to work well are better than the ones that let all the choices to the end users (mostly with some minimal defaults).

so, my position is: if there is indeed a need for several ratios, we can add it in the preferences (but, please, not in the document settings!), otherwise i'd really prefer a discussion on what is the best acceleration and use it.


2010-04-19 11:20

reporter   ~0023726

Good defaults do not deny ability to customize. So if it doesn't too hard, let it be.
People have different habbits, Scribus works on different OSes. Mouses have different sensivity settings.

Indeed, I never think about such factor. But after reading you post I "listen" to my hand and may agree that 1:1 factor is rather slow.

One more idea: may be this factor should be zoom depended? I.e. Less for wider zoom (pages usually are scrolled, not panned), more for closer zoom (so you can navigate entire page wtih one click at => 100% zoom).


2010-04-21 08:40

manager   ~0023739

the idea is that when your finished with panning, you want to be as close to the center as possible.

still, the acceleration should not be too fast in order to avoid an uncontrolled behavior.

as i said, we can add a setting for it, but i don't think it's necessary.

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