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0009077ScribusImport / Exportpublic2010-05-24 19:17
ReporterMike Assigned To 
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Product Version1.3.6 
Summary0009077: add feature to import BibTeX files
Descriptionadd feature to import BibTeX files
Additional InformationI have no idea how to do that but it would be useful feature which would spare a lot of time.
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2010-05-05 03:59

administrator   ~0023868

To import a *.bib file, you also need a *.sty file, so Scribus cannot do much here, especially since use of bitmap fonts is still common with *TeX. At most, Scribus could import *.bib as plain text.

Wouldn't it be easier to export *.bib to HTML and import the result?


2010-05-24 19:17

reporter   ~0023955

Sorry that I write so late... I have broken e-mail notification from Scribus.

Ok that's probably the best solution.

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