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0009102ScribusUsabilitypublic2016-05-22 12:51
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Summary0009102: Snapping to anything before starting to draw an object
DescriptionThe upcoming v0.48 of Inkscape contains much improved snapping.

Apart from snapping of anything to anything as of 0.47 it also allows snapping to anything before starting to draw an object, which means exactly this: when you move a pointer of a drawing tool, it snaps to the closest supported feature like guide, grid lines crossing, paths crossing etc. That way you don't need to adjust position/size of a newly created object -- you create it in the right place of a right size from the very beginning. Snapping indicator was also improved.

Thus the proposal is to implement a similar snapping system in Scribus.


has duplicate 0010551 closedjghali Infrastructure snap to grid, a reference point. 
related to 0011718 closedjghali Scribus Functional problems with rulers and guide lines 


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