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0009264ScribusGeneralpublic2010-07-15 18:41
ReporteraliB Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformDell Inspiron 9400OSLinuxOS VersionOpenSuSE 11.2
Product Version1.3.7 
Summary0009264: Improvements for the "copy item property" tool
Descriptiona) When you select the item property tool a dialog box should be opened.
In this dialog you could specify which options should be copied
---Font size

b) If you select a frame and click on the "copy item property", the selection is lost. So you do not see any longer which frame you originally have selected for copying
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2010-07-14 08:38

reporter   ~0024315

I don't know about dialog box (though that would be nice), but cursor shapes for this tool should be changed. I suggest grey (empty) wand for selecting source properties mode and glowing or just yellow (full) wand for pasting mode.


2010-07-14 21:04

manager   ~0024324

i wonder if waiting for the frame styles (and concentrating on them) would not be the better solution...


2010-07-15 08:53

reporter   ~0024326

Styles need tool to be applied too.
BTW for now cursor shapes (wands) can be taken from "copy item property" button.


2010-07-15 18:41

manager   ~0024327

yes, but you would apply them to frames (PP) and not copy them among frames.

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