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0009429ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2021-12-28 00:17
ReporterMike Assigned Tocezaryece  
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Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0009429: Add some items to Insert > Character
DescriptionAdd some items to Insert > Character

 - title
 - author
 - keywords
 - description
 - date (automatically generated from system?)

Content of these fields would be obtained from Document Information.
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2011-01-05 21:52

reporter   ~0025285

What about this feature? :-)


2011-01-05 22:51

administrator   ~0025286

We dont have the character substitution stuff, ie, variables, in place yet.. once that is done, this is easy, and customisable per document.


2011-01-06 17:13

reporter   ~0025293

ok, thanks for info


2018-11-21 14:06

reporter   ~0045648

It seems this is still not implemented in 1.5.4. Most of my use cases are structured documents which generally require creation date to be printed as part of the final output. The above list would be wonderful. I'd request that the date options be expanded to include "creation date" and "modification date" - optimally of both the template and the document, this differentiation is useful for document tracking.

Further, it would incrementally meet my needs if the formats could be specified somewhat easily as I have use cases for YYYYMMDDHHMM as well as YYYY-MM-DD and even, occasionally mmm DD, YYYY.

Additional variables that are useful might include:
- HeaderLevelXTitle (e.g. chapter title, section title)


2021-12-28 00:17

reporter   ~0049438

I wonder what's the state of this? Managing title, subject and similar document information is way more convenient through the "Document Setup" dialog than with workarounds like "variable text".

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