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0009432ScribusLanguage Toolspublic2010-10-24 07:11
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Summary0009432: Language attribute for text frame.
DescriptionI create multilingual documents (catalogues) very often using scribus (thank you for it! It is a very powerful tool)
It should be useful to have a language attribute for text frame. Now is possible to assign a language to a paragraph but I use often more than one style in each text frame, and I use the same style in "English box" and "Italian box".
If textbox had language attribute, my work would be more and more simple.

Thank you.
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2010-10-24 07:11

updater   ~0024707

Does it make sense if language setting will be as attribute of layer?
I think it will be useful for documents with few language versions separating into layers.
On each layer its language settings will be automatically applied for new text frames (if this setting will added to frames) or even will overwriting default paragraph settings.

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