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0009440ScribusImport / Exportpublic2018-04-30 12:48
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Platformx86OSWindozeOS VersionXP SP1
Product Version1.3.8 
Target Version1.5.5 
Summary0009440: blurred bitmaps are not exported to PDF correctly
Descriptionblurred bitmaps (via filter) are not exported to PDF correctly, they appear unblurred in whatever I view them.
Steps To Reproduceimport bitmap (tested image was PNG with transparency
optionally: apply filter: change brightness to black
apply filter: blur
optionally: set opacity to 40%
export to PDF and watch how the graphic appears
Additional InformationSuggested solutions:
Make possible to rasterize things. Checkbox that does it for bitmaps with filters in pdf export gui will be also good thing to have to avoid occurrence of this bug.



2010-10-26 18:36

administrator   ~0024736

Can't reproduce here neither with 1.3.9svn nor with 1.5.0svn.


2010-10-26 19:11

administrator   ~0024737

1) What PDF version did you choose for export?

2) What PDF viewer?


2010-10-26 20:09

reporter   ~0024738

Last edited: 2010-10-26 20:10

I exported it to PDF 1.5.

I tried to view it with Adobe Reader 8.1.3, and also Foxit and SumatraPDF, but both failed to render the transparencies in various ways, not only blur failed.

Since this is pretty much an open project, and pretty much work in progress (, I've zipped and uploaded my files there (in case you'd need it):
What you will find inside are needed working files (Scribus file plus bitmaps linked), plus .png and .pdf exported by Scribus.


2010-10-28 00:15

administrator   ~0024747

the file backgroundovermap.png is missing in the archive


2010-10-28 06:19


backgroundovermap.png (166,179 bytes)   
backgroundovermap.png (166,179 bytes)   


2010-10-28 06:20

reporter   ~0024748

Sorry for that :(
Attached it here.


2010-10-28 21:58

administrator   ~0024755

I'm still trying to figure out what you're trying to tell us. Could you upload a screenshot that shows how the result is supposed to look?


2010-10-29 06:07

reporter   ~0024756

Bbe sure to look at the shadow under the person there - it is supposed to be blured on both images.
Take a look at this (bitmap exported to Scribus):
vs. this (PDF created with above settings, printed to bitmap with PDFCreator, printed out of Acrobat - it looks similar when viewed in):
Dunno how to point the issue clearer.


2011-01-12 19:08


blur (26,121 bytes)


2011-01-12 19:12

reporter   ~0025372

After suggestion from a_l_e I uploaded clearer example.
It contains of
Needed files:
Tiff export from Scribus.tif
Which should illustrate you the problem as clear as its possible.

Scribus file has only one bitmap, which has blur filter applied. While I expect the output closer to what is exported with image export (and what is to be seen in the program itself), I'm getting something different when printing (softproof shows that).


2016-03-08 01:29


blur-issue.jpg (61,049 bytes)   
blur-issue.jpg (61,049 bytes)   


2016-03-08 01:29

updater   ~0039043

Uploaded my results in a screenshot (OSX 10.10.5 1.5.2svn r21073)

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