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0009452ScribusPlug-inspublic2014-07-28 21:14
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PlatformIntel 32 bitOSopenSuseOS Version11.3
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0009452: Image Browser - Can not drag and drop images into collection
DescriptionAlmost all modern GUIs allow drag and drop of resources, from one place to another.
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related to 0009451 new Image Browser - Can not multiple select images 
related to 0012542 closedfschmid Picture Browser: Dragn'n'Drop doesn't work reliably 



2010-10-31 18:51

manager   ~0024771

what do you mean "drop images into collection"?

i can drag and drop images from geeqie to an existing image frame or to the canvas (in this second case, an image frame is created).

(there is a bug wit the size of the image when a new frame is created from a drag and drop... but this has been already reported and affects only 1.3.8 and not 1.5)


2010-11-04 04:40

reporter   ~0024802

Open Picture Browser
With File Browser selected, navigate to some images
Select Collection Browser
Select an image (can not multiple select, see bug 0009451) from the directory that is still open.
Attempt to drag and drop an image, (should be multiple) into / onto a collection in the Collection Browser.
Does not work.

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