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0009603ScribusShape Drawingpublic2017-06-17 21:05
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Product Version1.3.9 
Summary0009603: When items are multi-selected, Stroke and Fill icon can not be activated.
DescriptionWhen text frames or rectangles etc. are multi-selected,
stroke icon and fill icon in coloe tab of property window are inactivated.
So Works are very difficult.
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has duplicate 0014370 closedjghali Color change not possible for grouped Vectors 
has duplicate 0014869 closedjghali No Color changes on Grouped Objects 
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2016-05-09 16:16

updater   ~0040915

Multi-selected AKA Grouped ?


2016-05-09 16:19


ungrouped-vs-grouped.gif (635,823 bytes)   
ungrouped-vs-grouped.gif (635,823 bytes)   


2016-05-09 16:21

updater   ~0040916

I attached a gif that shows in
Part 1:
That if you select 2 objects at once and try to change their PP > color > Fill/Stroke, you can do that successfully
Part 2:
If you select 2 objects and group them, PP > color > Fill/Stroke are greyed out

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