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0009711InfrastructureGeneralpublic2011-10-24 21:33
ReporterMike Assigned To 
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Summary0009711: promotional banner 200x200 px for Scribus
Descriptionpromotional banner 200x200 px for Scribus

 - images are from, font is Museo Sans (free version)
Additional InformationOriginally I would like to talk with someone from Scribus team but IRC web interface isn't working for me (as usual).
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2011-01-26 21:54


scribus1.gif (126,291 bytes)   
scribus1.gif (126,291 bytes)   


2011-01-26 21:57

reporter   ~0025483

I fixed error in first version and upload the second.


2011-01-28 15:26


scribusEN.gif (123,650 bytes)   
scribusEN.gif (123,650 bytes)   


2011-01-28 15:27

reporter   ~0025492

I uploaded next version of banner with shorter texts.


2011-01-30 21:52

updater   ~0025499

Nice try.
What about using Scribus logo in the last frame?

Also prepare standard size banners (eg. take sizes from Google Adds).

Very nice try, really.


2011-01-31 19:56

reporter   ~0025503

I will try to put logo there.

Some of them, I could create - Skyscraper or Wide Skycrapper and couple of smaller ones. The question is... what to put in the banners?
 - promotion? Scribus is great and free!
 - promotion? I use Scribus or Created with Scribus
 - donate? Donate to Scribus - What page is intended for that?

What kind of banner is most effective?
 - animated banner
 - standard picture


2011-02-01 06:30

updater   ~0025506

Last edited: 2011-02-01 12:37

Mike... from me almost all answers are "YES, do it". Almost all except donation - I dont know if Scribus has donation program. IMHO should have.

Advertising can present also such informations:
- free but professional DTP solution with PDF output for WEB, Screen and Print Shop
- multi-platform
- multi-language (will be much true if OIF branch will be done)

IMO most effective are animated banners, but standard pictures has its own power and use cases (ie for printed materials, but should be in higher resolution)


2011-02-01 06:36

updater   ~0025507

Can you upload also source files?


2011-02-01 23:19

reporter   ~0025516

Ok, I will do that.

To the final version, I will add also source files (SVGs from Inkscape).


2011-10-24 21:33

administrator   ~0027110

Mike, the banner is very nice - would be happy to at least put the final version on the front page when it's done.

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