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0009754ScribusGraphics / Image Framespublic2012-09-24 05:16
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Summary0009754: Flowaround distances
DescriptionFlowaround needs to have distance option (witch should have separate values for each border of rectangular frames).
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related to 0011092 new Default "habillage" mode in preference 



2011-02-19 09:11

administrator   ~0025632

Thats why the "Contourline" option in the NodeEdit Palette exists.
Simply select "Flow around Contourline" and edit the Contourline to your needs.


2011-02-19 11:09

reporter   ~0025633

Thanks, that is great for fine manual tuning (which is not most common task). But word "simply" does not describe this case very well (that's why I choose "feature" severity, not a bug).

For simple and quite common action like setting equal flowaround distance for all sides of rectangular frame now we need:
1 go to "shape" in PP
2 select "use contour line"
3 click "edit"
4 click "edit contour line"
5 set spacing step
6 click "reduce" or "enlarge" button
7 click "end editing"

Adding "flowaround distance" field next to "Round corners" would decrease this procedure to 2 steps (for most common case of equal distances):
1 go to "shape" in PP
2 click "up"/"down" arrows or simple (indeed simple!) roll mouse wheel

Setting different distances for different side of rectangle is quite complicated task too - one need to manually calculate and set coordinates for each corner point.


2011-02-19 12:20

manager   ~0025635

we definitively need a better way to manage the contour line for simple cases.

this will go into the new PP...


2011-02-19 12:35

reporter   ~0025636

btw, ale, what about new PP? I didn't receive any messages from you.


2011-02-20 08:22

reporter   ~0025638

Last edited: 2011-02-20 08:22

I played around a bit with shapes other than rectangles and saw that flowaround distance is absolutely necessary: just try to set flowaround via contour line for triangle or arrow-shaped polygon and you will see too.

And one more stupid question: is contour anything more than polygon attached to frame?

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