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0009815ScribusUsabilitypublic2018-10-18 10:55
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Summary0009815: Suggestion to enable \input usage in the latex render frame
DescriptionCurrently the Latex render frame allows to enter Latex code directly to be processed by Latex.
This is done in the /tmp directory.
Sometimes one would like to use the \input command to include some other .tex file into the current frame (I would like to be able to do that so that I can work separately on the latex code and simply use \input to include it in the Scribus render frames.

The problem is that in order to include the files, you need to specify to the input command the full path of the files, relative to the /tmp directory.

I would suggest adding a parameter in the configuration options to chose the "local directory" for the Latex execution so that one could easily set up a "texts" directory or any other directory as an "environment variable" for Latex.

Alternatively, maybe one could simply define a variable which will include the path to a directory and use it simply as \input{$variable$\file}
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2011-03-07 19:27

reporter   ~0025757

A temporary fix that just came into my mind is (obviously) to create symbolic links in the /tmp directory so that the \input{} command can be used more easily.
This is of course not ideal but that's what I use atm.


2018-10-18 10:55

reporter   ~0045517

This is fixed by 0014723, by introducing a variable "$scribus_doc_dir$" that can be passed on the command line to the process handling the render frame.

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