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0009990ScribusFontspublic2019-04-10 09:21
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Product Version1.5.0svn 
Target VersionFuture Release - Nice to have 
Summary0009990: Feature request to easily edit font list display
DescriptionThe idea would be to have a dialog for fonts with some of the features of Edit Colors, with the capability to work with a reduced set of fonts.
Potential features might include:

Ability to add/delete individual fonts from list (not from system)
Remove Unused
Import a font list from another document (± warning if a font not on system)

This is not the same though has some overlap with Styles. Here we are just talking about a way to reduce the size of the selection list which shows up in various locations in Scribus, such as the Text tab of Properties or in the Edit Styles dialog.
Additional InformationThis is based on a complaint by Louis Desjardins at LGM 2011 about the challenge of working on a document when you may have hundreds or more fonts on your system, yet generally are only going to use a few.
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2013-10-25 13:43

developer   ~0030781

yes this would be great. Actually i do this by editting checkfont.xml but it could be easier ;) I've already tried to do some research on it but internal for fonts are understandable to me. First i dea i had was :
1. add an deselect all fonts in font>preferences (add check all fonts too :) ), the user could just then reactivate the one he'd like from here or fom font preview
2. optionnally : transparently reset font list without having to relaunch scribus


2013-10-27 00:12

updater   ~0030789

Another possible solution could be option to show only fonts used in document, but in Style Editor all fonts should be available (if not disabled in preferences).


2016-01-19 12:09

updater   ~0038264

See this clip: explaining it took him '45 minutes' to go through the process of unchecking fonts.


2016-01-19 16:55

reporter   ~0038286

What about different font lists for different projects - like you can do with colors?
Or a favourite list and a more-button?

So you could get one or more short lists and if you need another font, you get the whole fonts. (And the possibility to add this font to favourites or a project if you notice that you need it more often.)



2017-05-20 15:16

reporter   ~0043918

would something like this be a solution:
I could make and submit a patch for that.


2017-10-15 08:57

developer   ~0044545

"I could make and submit a patch for that. "
djfun, this is nice work. The users would need it. I hope the others agree with me.


2017-10-15 13:08

developer   ~0044548

I guess what this is showing is using the Shift key to highlight and then Select/Deselect?

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