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0010122ScribusTranslationpublic11-Jul-10 11:5314-Aug-18 21:35
Assigned Tojghali 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version1.4.0svn 
Target Version1.6 milestoneFixed in Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0010122: In french, "HSV" should be translatted "TSL"
DescriptionThanks Louis
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cbradney (administrator)
11-Jul-10 12:29

these translation issues are for the translators..

why can't they be put all in one bug?
jghali (administrator)
11-Jul-11 00:14

Well, true, HSV translates to TSL... However... I'm french and i've never heard someone use "TSL" except to mention that it is sometime used in place of HSV.
ale (manager)
11-Jul-11 10:34

hi craig, louis has already fixed the other string issues and will upload them as soon as he has some time for it...

and this issue has been reported by somebody else...

i don't think that it's wrong to fill this as a separate bug.

also, we got a graphic artist who is using scribus and who is also teaching it to report bug... can't we be a little be more kind to him?

i guess that if you are not interested in translation issues, you can just filter out the translation category... or not?

yagraph (reporter)
11-Jul-11 10:45

It's ok, we will try to centralise french translation bug...

for HSV to TSL, TSL is commonly used for graphics designers in france, and Gimp and Inkscape translate it by TSL, so it's better in my point of view to keep it coherent.

Thanks !
Kunda (manager)
14-Jul-21 02:39

Resolving this issue. Please close or re-open depending on status of issue.
christoph_s (administrator)
14-Jul-21 07:09

This bug has to remain open because no consensus has been reached as to a solution. At the very least we need input from those who have access to French versions of widely distributed closed-source software (Adobe, Quark, Corel) to learn how they handle this translation issue. Moreover, it need not be resolved until the release of 1.6.0. Only then the translations have to be 100% correct.
Kunda (manager)
14-Jul-21 07:53

Christoph, roger that. Confirming and bumping to 1.6 milestone.
kumafoto (reporter)
14-Aug-04 04:41

The translation is ok in french [^]
Kunda (manager)
14-Aug-04 19:22

Thread on g+ [^]
Kunda (manager)
14-Aug-05 00:03

Per a discussion on IRC, Scribus will use "TSL"
Moving this to 'Resolved' status but since no translation code change has happened yet please do not close. Once translation is made then close this issue. Thanks!
louisdesjardins (developer)
14-Aug-07 00:03

So, reopening. I agree and join my voice to the consensus. As for making the change, I would make sure we coordinate before the next string freeze. How’s that?
Kunda (manager)
14-Aug-07 16:10

Apologies. Didn't mean to hastily close the discussion without your input, louisdesjardins.

IIUC, this has already committed in r19412 [^]
Kunda (manager)
14-Aug-18 15:27

Implemented in by jghali in r19412.
Thanks jghali

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