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0010289ScribusStylespublic2011-09-29 18:132015-10-27 17:40
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PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0010289: [patch] make shortcuts for styles working
DescriptionMy patch enabling feature of shortcuts for styles: paragraphs, chars, line and introducing feature for incoming table and cell styles.
Tagsoif, patch
Attached Filespatch file icon stylesshortcut.patch [^] (4,980 bytes) 2011-09-29 18:13 [Show Content]
diff file icon stylesShortCuts.diff [^] (5,344 bytes) 2012-06-27 09:49 [Show Content]
diff file icon scribus-stylesShortCuts-20140321.diff [^] (5,246 bytes) 2014-03-21 09:51 [Show Content]
diff file icon keyboardshortcutpatch_2014-05-03.diff [^] (4,892 bytes) 2014-05-03 11:54 [Show Content]
patch file icon 10289_stylesshortcut.patch [^] (11,824 bytes) 2014-05-05 23:30 [Show Content]

- Relationships
has duplicate 0012283closedjghali Apply style shortcut not available as proposed 
has duplicate 0013558closedjghali In Character / Paragraph styles SHORTCUTS are missing 
related to 0009830new Keyboard Shortcuts for Special Characters don't work 

-  Notes
jghali (administrator)
2011-10-01 17:11
edited on: 2011-10-02 20:31

Several notes about the initial patch
- processing of gui element in a non gui element (ScribusDoc) : i would feel quite uncomfortable in committing that
- circumvent Qt shortcut system hence opening path to future bugs

I looked if another approach was possible and discovered what we probably need in this case : QShortcut (damn, how did i not see that one before...). Contrary to QAction/ScrAction which need to be bound to a visible gui element to have its shortcut usable, QShortcut does not have such requirement. I consequently add a try to see how it works and... it works :) Attached the corresponding patch. We need to look a bit closer at how StyleManager manage shortcuts tho. Given how it works, i'm almost sure there are some bugs around here.

cezaryece (developer)
2012-06-18 14:50

What about this feature Jean? What can I do with it?
cbradney (administrator)
2012-06-18 20:41

Jean needs to comment here.. so I will assign it to him.

We'd need a patch against current trunk, we'd need separation of GUI/non GUI, shortcut de-duplication with existing actions if its not there already.
cezaryece (developer)
2012-06-27 09:51
edited on: 2012-06-27 09:53

New patch. Processing moved to ScMW. As for now old Scrobus shortcuts manner. I think there should be complex move to usage of QShortcuts class for all shortcuts in Scribus, not only here.

JLuc (developer)
2012-09-21 10:44
edited on: 2012-09-21 12:28

I have tested this feature in the scribusECE build to be found on [^] and i must say it is a great enhancement for my use of 1.4

As for now, as a 1.4 user, so as to apply a style to some parts of text i need to reach the option where available, that is not easily : 1) In the PP it is a maze through opening and scrolling panes and subpanes just to reach the style selects. 2) Other ways are through the story editor, but since it doesnt open at the right place (see 0010963) it is difficult to use, since it takes very long and cautious reading to find the place where is the text to be styled.

Whit this "shortcut for styles" patch, i have defined shortcuts for all the most common styles. I can then apply them at the speed of a keystroke. It speeds greatly my layout work, particularly on documents with long textes (where the story editor cannot be used).

This patch is a must for scribus. I strongly recommend to bring it to 1.5 and even to 1.4 !

JLuc (developer)
2012-09-23 21:31

The "clear previous formatting before applying" option, that goes along with this patch too, is an greaaaat feature too, that helps really.
cezaryece (developer)
2012-09-24 07:18

No JLuc, ClearOnApply property is only in my ECE branches, not in this patch.
pygmee (developer)
2014-03-21 09:51

Like JLuc i think this patch really improves comfort in text manipulation and increase productivity. The old patch now make rejection. here is a new one.
JLuc (developer)
2014-04-26 13:43
edited on: 2014-04-26 14:36

0012283 has been closed because dupe of this one, but it isn't.
Cezariece's #31818 patch and its by pygmee renewed version introduce a new property for each style, that possibly enables to apply the style using a user defined shortcut.
0012283 is about the allready existing "Apply" stylewindow context menu, whose supposed to exist shortcut (ALT+CTRL+") does not work properly.
Unless you mean that this allready existing shortcut will not be necessary anymore because cezariece's new feature has to be merged and can to some extent replace it more powerfully ?

FYI, " is available directly on the french keyboard (no need for a SHIFT modifier to reach it).

JLuc (developer)
2014-05-03 11:51

I've uploaded updodate patch
cbradney (administrator)
2014-05-04 20:08

My comment on the mailing list today:

Right now, Scribus shortcuts do not allow a differentiation between application mode shortcuts or
text mode shortcuts, nor do we set up actions with default keys like a,A,b,B.

So, with this patch, styles can have a shortcut set as 'b', or 'shift b' for example.. which then
stops you typing any more 'b's.

Any thoughts on how to avoid that?

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