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0010539ScribusTypographypublic2012-01-25 10:222014-08-20 14:47
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PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS VersionWheezy
Product Version1.4.0 
Target Version1.5.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0010539: Optical margins, protrusion into the left margin doesn't work
DescriptionActually, there are two issues:

1. When text or text frame is selected and "Both Sides" or "Left Only" optical margin is selected, nothing happens for quotation marks, hyphens, en-dashes and em-dashes on the left side of the text (no matter of text alignment).

2. There is inconsistency regarding character protrusion in general. E.g.:
a) Quotation marks: protruded on the right side, not on the left;
b) Hyphens: protruded on the right side, not on the left;
c) En-dashes: protruded on the right side, not on the left;
d) Em-dashes: do not get protruded neither on the right, nor the left side.

I mentioned only these characters which are most obvious when protrusion takes place, but there are other more subtle cases, like capital letter "A" at the beginning of a non-indented paragraph, exclamation mark at the end of a line, etc., which do not work either.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a text frame.
2. Place (a) a double left quotation mark at the beginning of the first paragraph; (b) a hyphen at the beginning of the second paragraph; (c) an en-dash at the beginning of the third paragraph, and (d) an em-dash at the beginning of the forth paragraph.
3. Set text alignment to "Justified" or "Forced Justified".
4. Set optical margin to "Both Sides" or "Left Only".
Additional InformationWith Scribus 1.4.0.rc5 on Windows, this issue occurs only for hyphens, en-dashes and em-dashes, which do not get protruded into the left margin, but quotation marks do.
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bubu (reporter)
2012-10-07 21:14
edited on: 2012-10-07 21:48

I can confirm this bug:
- Ubuntu Scribus 1.4.1 64bit
- Ubuntu Scribus 1.5.0svn 64bit
- Windows Scribus 1.4.2svn latest snapshot on SF (12-10-07)

Pancho (reporter)
2014-04-23 15:56

Confirm for 1.4.3.
IMHO more than a minor bug.
nasfarley88 (reporter)
2014-08-20 12:40

Can confirm for 1.4.4
Kunda (manager)
2014-08-20 14:47

upgrading to 'major' severity.

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2012-01-25 10:22 meho_r New Issue
2012-10-07 21:14 bubu Note Added: 0029020
2012-10-07 21:48 bubu Note Edited: 0029020 View Revisions
2014-04-23 15:56 Pancho Note Added: 0031767
2014-08-20 12:40 nasfarley88 Note Added: 0033298
2014-08-20 14:42 Kunda Severity minor => major
2014-08-20 14:43 Kunda Status new => confirmed
2014-08-20 14:47 Kunda Note Added: 0033301
2014-08-20 14:47 Kunda Target Version => 1.5.1

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