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0011282ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2012-12-23 07:572014-09-16 23:31
Assigned Tocezaryece 
Platformx86_64OSLinuxOS VersionOpenSUSE 12.1
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Target Version1.5.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0011282: Footnote mark in original text frame cannot be formatted
DescriptionIt's impossible to change the formatting of the footnote mark in the continuous text, and there's not even a separate style for the marks in the text. Instead, it takes its formatting from the previous glyph. That's unfortunate, because a user may have very good reasons to give the mark a different formatting. The most common task of reformatting a footnote mark is when it has been inserted after a word in bold or italics. As it currently works, one has to insert the footnote first and then apply the formatting to the word.

Scribus is not alone in using the formatting of the previous glyph (same behaviour: AbiWord, Viva Designer, LibreOffice, Calligra Words; TextMaker sticks with its default style), but at least those other programs allow for changing the formatting, either via direct formatting, or via a character style, or both.

So, what we need is:

1) An option to create a character style for the marks in the text.

2) A default style for the marks in the text (See also bug 0011234).

3) Direct formatting of a single mark.
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cezaryece (developer)
2013-01-09 07:32

Do you notice that in Edit menu is entry called Notes Styles Editor where you can set character style for notes marks in text and paragraph style for note text?
cezaryece (developer)
2013-10-03 10:26

Well, I upload a patch file enabling direct formatting for notesmarks and some other small fixes for footnotes (like updating notesframes or applying superscript effects).
You can test origin/footnotes_fix branch before applying this patch.

Ad 1) already was possible (but seems not recognized by reporter)
Ad 2) I don`t think it is really needed, for now marks and notes are using style according to insertion place in text and it may be overrided by setting special charstyle for them in Note Styles Editor (after difining it in Styles Manager) or by the hand (what is fixed now)
Ad 3) fixed by this patch
cezaryece (developer)
2013-10-07 13:11

Path was deleted - wait for new one fixed.
cezaryece (developer)
2013-10-23 14:45

Fixed in footntoes_fix branch in scribus.git
jghali (administrator)
2013-10-23 15:25

Please, do not mark a bug as resolved unless it is fixed in *SVN*.
JLuc (developer)
2014-07-04 15:54

Testing today
1) and 3) are fixed now.
Only 2) is missing but as cezary writes it : I don`t think it is really needed, for now marks and notes are using style according to insertion place in text and it may be overrided by setting special charstyle for them in Note Styles Editor (after difining it in Styles Manager) or [localy] by the hand
Kunda (manager)
2014-07-08 19:28

Following-up jluc's commentary, closing issue.
Kunda (manager)
2014-07-08 19:29

Wait, jluc, are the fixes for 1 and 3 commited in SVN ?
JLuc (developer)
2014-09-13 21:47
edited on: 2014-09-13 21:49

AMOF both 1, 2 and 3)

1) Yes Edit > Note styles enables to define styles for notes and footnotes.

2) That same dialog enables to define the default style for notecalls and footnotes.

3) And yes, its possible to direct format both the call and the footnote.

Rq :
a) some formating seem to be not OK on the notecalls : the "effects" in the "color and effects" subpane of the PP can't be applied.
b) behaviour of this pane and footnotes is subject to crashes.
These issues should be reported in some other bug more specific reports.

So i close this issue as fixed.

christoph_s (administrator)
2014-09-16 23:31

The funny thing is: it doesn't work. Either that or the usage is so awkward that it's completely unintuitive.

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