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0011312ScribusImport / Exportpublic12-Dec-30 08:2613-Aug-13 19:30
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PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0011312: IDML/INDS/ICML test files
DescriptionThe purpose of this entry is to collect IDML/INDS/ICML test files that will allow the development team to refine the IDML importer.
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Attached Files? file icon Autowerk Anzeige Klassikertage 2013 A4.idml [^] (92,127 bytes) 13-May-09 16:27
zip file icon [^] (141,789 bytes) 13-May-26 10:10
zip file icon [^] (144,987 bytes) 13-May-26 10:10
zip file icon [^] (3,953,903 bytes) 13-May-27 19:25
zip file icon [^] (3,072,928 bytes) 13-May-27 19:25
zip file icon [^] (596,907 bytes) 13-Jul-24 21:57

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parent of 0011541closedfschmid Wrong image scaling in imported IDML file 
parent of 0011542assignedfschmid Issue with table rendering in IDML files 
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-  Notes
christoph_s (administrator)
13-Jan-02 08:18

No idea if it's useful for improvement, but here's a link: [^]
Hans-Karl (reporter)
13-May-26 10:22

I upload 4 files, with PDF results (from InDesign CS5) for each one.
Test-1 & Test-2 are very simple files, Test-3 contain footnote and image frames, Test-4 is double-page with image frames.

From my Fedora, I have this repo for testing, but it's a little outdated : [^]
Hans-Karl (reporter)
13-May-27 19:26 and re-upload.
christoph_s (administrator)
13-May-28 08:07

Thank you very much, Hans-Karl. If you have more IDML files for us to throw at Scribus's importer, don't hesitate to upload them here or in separate private bug reports. Two issues that have been unearthed by testing your samples are already resolved.
christoph_s (administrator)
13-May-29 07:44

The file [^] is not imported correctly. This is becoming obvious even without an included PDF control file (see, e.g., the frames at the end of the document).
christoph_s (administrator)
13-May-29 07:49

Here's a link to a resource kit with graphics and IDML files from a Minnesota state agency: [^] Its size is 35 MB, so I cannot upload it here.
christoph_s (administrator)
13-May-29 08:02

More somehow demanding IDML files are available here: [^] All archives are too big to upload to this bug.
Hans-Karl (reporter)
13-May-29 20:53
edited on: 13-May-30 10:22

Here is a new IDML test file : [^] (with final PDF)

Included :
  38 numbered pages
  4 tables
  1 footnote

Linked :
  25 JPG (low-res) photographs
  5 PDF single page (generated by Illustrator and Inkscape)
  1 PDF double-pages (generated by pdftk via Inkscape)
  1 PDF quadri-pages (generated by AutoCAD)

All these fine things grouped under 3 layers.


tim_occ (reporter)
13-Jul-24 22:05
edited on: 13-Jul-24 22:11

I have uploaded a new file named "". The idml file consist only of vector graphics. It contains text, straight lines, contours and a radial gradient.

The file is exported from InDesign CS6.

best regards.

JLuc (updater)
13-Aug-04 11:57

Hanz Karl : the [^] provided link leads to an empty page. File not there anymore. free only provides limited storage time. Have you uploaded the files in the scribus report ? If not so could you do it, or if very heavy file upload it on a longlasting cloud storage ?
Hans-Karl (reporter)
13-Aug-13 19:25
edited on: 13-Aug-13 19:30

I can't find my old archive. Here is another almost identical.
It's 84 Mo ZIP file : [^]
There are some .ai files, I don't know if Scribus 1.5 import them as PDF.

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